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Jul 2, 2013 - 01:01
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MIRAnome64, the virtual monome64 for iPad & MIRA

For many reasons, this (free/opensource) project isn’t hosted here but I obviously wanted to share it with you, dear future readers !

The official page is

The basic architecture is the following one.

Enjoy this opensource project on github too.


Jun 27, 2013 - 10:34
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XY Pad for MIRA on iPad

Again this is a proof of concept.
Check the spaghetti stuff for UI handling.

M4L XY Pad for Mira on iPad

Download for FREE & Enjoy
2.06 MB 63 downloads

I’m moving some UI objects of Max inside & outside the [mira.frame] object fitting the context.

Here is a view on my iPad.



Here is the device you can both touch on iPad or play with Ableton Live GUI :)


This is basically a kickstart to MIRAfy any device you already built.

There are a lot of small tips inside this FREE device, check them.
All these kind of tips will be described in the book in the section written about MIRA :)


Jun 27, 2013 - 00:55
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M4L Analyzer for MIRA / iPad

Playing with Mira on iPad with the latest version of Max6, I wanted to provide you this device for Max for Live.

M4L audio analyzer for MIRA / iPad

Download for FREE & Enjoy
1.29 MB 81 downloads

Basically, just drag’n'drop it inside any track as a Max for Live audio fx and it will create for you a tab on the Mira App on iPad displaying a 25 bands spectrum analysis provided by the external zsa.bark~ by Emmanuel Jourdan.

YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD zsa.descriptors if you want this device to work fine.

Obviouly, you can drag’n'drop more than one and, magically, it will create as much as tab as you dropped devices in tracks and the name of the tab is the name of the track :)

spectrum Analyzer

Please consider it as a proof of concept more than a perfectly finished device.


Here is an iPad view of a first protoype


I hope it will inspire you.

Enjoy & spread !

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